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The Costs of SUVs
SUVs are hazardous for kids:
SUVs are the second-most popular way to transport children, behind minivans, yet are twice as deadly for children as minivans. SUVs are also the riskiest vehicles for children in rollover crashes.

SUV owners pay too much for gas:
The average 2002 SUV gets 7 mpg less than the average car. Because of this, SUV drivers paid $350 a year more for gas then if their SUVs were as efficient as cars, totaling a stunning $9 billion for all SUV drivers in 2002.

The SUV that Could Be - Manufacturers can do better:
See the technology available today that could improve SUV safety and fuel economy.

SUV rollovers roll back decades of safety advances:
Rollover crashes in SUVs and pickups accounted for more than half the increase in traffic deaths from 2001 to 2002. SUV rollovers killed over 18,000 Americans since 1991.

SUV design continues to be deadly in crashes with cars:
In frontal collisions between a car and SUV, the car driver is 4.3 times more likely to die than the SUV driver. SUVs are also more than twice as lethal as cars in side-impact crashes with cars.

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National Highway Trafic Safety Administration - New Car Assessment Program:
Crash test and rollover ratings for most new vehicles made since 1990.

Environmental Protection Agency - Fuel Economy Guide:
Fuel Economy ratings for most new vehicles made since 1985.

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